Participation at G-ReRAM meeting, Chania, Greece, Oct. 2015.

The international workshop  "Advances in ReRAM: Materials and Interfaces" was held at Minoa Palace Resort Hotel in Platanias-Chania, Crete, Greece on 11-16 October 2015. 

The workshop is focused on the role of the intefaces in nanoscale ReRAMs and on new approaches and materials, and how these can be facilitated through the modern nanotechnology. It gets together leading experts and aims to enlighten the physics and as well the electrochemical properties of alternative materials and interface modifications. Furthermore, the workshop targets to create new ideas for novel ReRAMs and build valuable future collaborations. Participants will further be invited to debate and interact mutually. Stimulated round table and panel discussions are envisioned to contribute to an enhanced interaction between physisits, chemists, material scientists and engineers.

Members of our team participated and performed a live demonstration of our ArC Beta prototype.