ArC Instruments present at ISCAS 2016, Montreal Canada.

The International Symposium of Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2016 was held in Montreal, Canada, and gathered prominent figures from the Circuits and Systems community around the world to disseminate the latest research in the field. Emerging memory devices were well represented at this year's symposium, reinforcing the growing commercial potential that this technology has.

ArC Instruments was present throughout the conference, and showcased the flagship measurement instrumentation ArC ONE during a live demonstration session. Visitors were able to easily interact with solid-state memristive devices via the product's user interface and perform IV characterisation, and pulse-based repeatable analogue resistive switching, among others, at a click of a button.

Quick measurement acquisition and fast, clean data visualisation is essential to the research process, and ArC ONE delivers exactly that. Find out more...