ArC Instruments at ISCAS 2018

The major international conference of the circuits and systems community, ISCAS, has been held in Florence, Italy from the 27th to 30th May 2018. ArC Instruments has presented two demos where visitors could explore the capabilities of ArC ONE.

During our presence in ISCAS 2018 we demonstrated two new capabilities of ArC ONE: a new software module for ArC ONE, MultiStateSeeker, to assess the memory capacity of a memristive array as well as an all-new addon environmental microchamber.

In the first session we exhibited a novel benchmarking algorithm for non-volatile RAM characterisation. Memory capacity is of great importance for memory and neuromorphic application. Knowing the effective number of states for a given device can greatly enhance the design or implementation of memristive chips. Users can now assess the memory capacity of memristive cells by following a simple user-friendly UI built-in ArC ONE. MultiStateSeeker is now available for all users with the 1.4.0 update of the ArC ONE control software.

Demo of MultiStateSeeker

The second demo session was about our new enviromental microchamber addon for ArC ONE. The microchamber module allows users to have temperature and humidity control with less than 1% error margin for packaged devices opening up new research opportunities in environmental testing of devices as well as exploiting memristors as temperature and humidity sensors. The environmental microchamber is scheduled for general availability during Q3-Q4 2018.

Demo of the microchamber